A Stand-up Job

She’s been attacked by religious groups and celebrities for her racy material (Steven Spielberg even issued a public statement against her). But for comedian Kathy Griffin, star of the two-time Emmy-winning Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, it’s all worth it. “Celebrities are the gift that keeps on giving,” she says. “I enjoy making fun of entire families when possible — the Lohans, the Spearses, the Palins. I could go on and on.” Griffin, who performs at the State Theatre Aug. 20, talked to us about living her life in the spotlight.

How did your nickname, “Queen of the D-List,” come about?
Well, Bravo kind of gave me that, but because I named my show My Life on the D-List they decided to call me the Queen of the D-List, and I don’t ever want to turn it down if someone decides to label me as royalty. So I’m happy to be called queen, and believe me, many of my audience members are also happy to be called queen. I’m happy to be called princess. But I’m also happy to be the prince of the D-List. I’m not even gender-specific.

Are there any advantages to being a D-List celebrity?
Oh, absolutely. I’m telling you, it’s much better to be on the D-List, because I get to have all the fun of kind of being a quasi-, half-celebrity, but nobody really cares that much that they’re going through my garbage or any of that stuff. When I watch Angelina Jolie with those kids — it must suck to be hacked every two seconds. I can go to Subway and nobody’s going to take my picture. Maybe the person at the counter might recognize me and I might sign an autograph, but I’m not fully at the Kirstie Alley stage where the magazines are taking pictures of me taking a big bite.

Are you afraid of accidentally becoming so famous and successful that you’ll be promoted off the D-List?
No, that would never happen. That would never happen to me because there are moments that slap me down to the D-List constantly. Someone thinks I’m Kathie Lee Gifford, or they think I’m Regis’ wife, or they just have me confused with some other redhead on television.
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