Humor Hits

While you can check out Cleveland's funniest tour guide at the Comedy Festival, there are other comedians who will leave you in hysterics, including a loudmouth, a tough chick, and a slacker.
jeff blanchard
age: 43
home:Russell Twp.
style: stream of consciousness, political bent
day job: co-host,The WNCX Morning Show

The “Godfather of Cleveland comedy” perfected his riffs as a founder of the local improv troupe Something Dada. Oddly, his political rants draw less ire than his Bon Jovi ones. After mocking the rocker during his act, a die-hard fan club president charged the stage. “If she had a knife, she would’ve stabbed me.”
maria borgio
age: 31
home: Brookpark
style: conversational, daily observations
day job: bartender, Winking Lizard

After beating up the local boys at open mic nights with her bits, she hit up the New York scene, where she once had to follow Chris Rock, who dropped in for a set. She finds Clevelanders are tougher to please than the Big Apple tourists. “Because they only have so much to spend, they’re like, ‘This better be good.’
chad zumock
age: 33
home: Garfield Heights
style: sophomoric, sarcastic
day job: "Are you kidding me?"

As a “5-foot-8 white dude,” Zumock’s humor has earned him legions of frat boy fans — even the ones who graduated 14 years ago. “I wanna go back to college,” he muses. He did return last winter to his alma mater, Kent State University, where he opened for Comedy Central regular Nick Swardon. “It was one of the top 10 moments of my life.”
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