Preview: Fall Arts Preview

Disney’s High School Musical
Nov. 13-18, Palace Theatre

It’s draped over your children’s notebooks. Dangling from your daughter’s ears. Glowing from your television screen. You can’t even drive to the grocery store without Ashley Tisdale blaring from your speakers. And now, it’s invading Cleveland for a six-day stint.
A 35-member cast is touring the nation in the stage production of the 2006 Emmy Award-winning Disney Channel phenomenon “High School Musical.”
What started as just another made-for-TV movie aimed at tweens has turned into a colossal hit since its 2006 debut, reaching more than 100 million viewers across the globe. The sound track album and DVD subsequently flew off store shelves and gave way to a product tie-in bonanza. (Care for a “High School Musical” change purse, anyone?)

Maroon 5
Oct. 5, Quicken Loans Arena

Only the band and Bill Joel know for sure. That’s the party line on the meaning of Maroon 5’s enigmatic moniker (so says the band’s official bio). Equally mysterious has been what’s taken the Los Angeles band so long to churn out their long-awaited sophomore album.

Impressionist and Modern Masters from The Cleveland Museum of Art
Oct. 21-Jan. 13, The Cleveland Museum of Art

Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, Vancouver — some of The Cleveland Museum of Art’s most famous sculptures, drawings and paintings from 19th and 20th centuries have done plenty of traveling during the past 16 months, while the museum’s $258 million expansion and renovation project continues. Now, after logging thousands of miles, Impressionist and Modern Masters from The Cleveland Museum of Art is returning home so Clevelanders can reconnect with the museum. “It’s a chance for people in the city to become reacquainted with their favorite pieces and also see pieces being shown in a new way,” says William Robinson, the museum’s curator of modern European art.

Check back Sept. 1 for the full stories and to read the rest of our Fall Arts Preview.
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