Rachel Steele

92.3 K-Rock, The Rachel Steele Show
9 a.m. to 2 p.m. weekdays

Favorite summer place:
Shooters on the Water in the Flats. “It’s nice, when the weather breaks, just to get outside, sit by the water, hang out and have some drinks. There’s always music. And the deck is always crowded — I would say it’s probably the most crowded outdoor place downtown in the summer, hands down.”

First summer job: Cleaning house for a neighbor.

Favorite summer concert memory: 92.3 Xtreme Radio X-Fest 2004 at Tower City Amphitheater. “Throughout the day the worst thunderstorm that I had ever seen rolled through town. They actually had to cancel a huge portion of the show because they were worried about people getting electrocuted backstage. But it turned out to be a fun event. Everybody was drenched, and people were running and doing slip-and-slide through the big puddles. It was insane.”

Summer drink: Great Lakes Brewing Co. beer.

Favorite outdoor dining spot: Shooters on the Water.

Summer soundtrack: “Bulls on Parade,” Rage Against the Machine; “Down In It,” Nine Inch Nails; “Paul Revere,” Beastie Boys; “World on Fire,” Sarah McLachlan; “Lover,” Michael Stanley Band.
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