Record' Players

Catch yourself whistling while you work? This month, Disney Theatrical Productions will open its fourth show, "On The Record," at the Palace Theatre as part of Playhouse Square Center's Broadway Series.

After successful runs of past Disney productions "Aïda," "The Lion King" and "Beauty and the Beast," show producer and president of Disney Theatrical Productions Thomas Schumacher says Cleveland was best suited for the world premiere of "On The Record," which runs Nov. 9 to 21.

"Playhouse Square is the second-largest performing-arts center in the country with everything we need," he notes. "Clevelanders are also a very savvy theater crowd."

"On The Record" is the story of four entertainers — the starlet, the diva, the idol and the newcomer — all brought together for a special recording session in a surreal studio. Accompanying the characters' journey are 64 songs from 75 years of Disney films, such as "The Little Mermaid," "Tarzan" and "Cinderella." Think you could sing the Disney song catalog in your sleep? Try to match these lyrical snippets, all among the dozens of songs to be sung in "On The Record," with the Disney production in which they first appeared.

1. Have faith in your dreams and someday/Your rainbow will come smiling thru/No matter how your heart is grieving

2. When I was just a lad/My father gave my nose a tweak/And told me I was bad

3. He's a scoundrel/He's a rounder/He's a cad

4. There is just one moon/And one golden sun/And a smile means friendship to everyone

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