Small but Strong

A black-and-white image captures eager men, women and children patiently waiting as they, along with thousands of others from Eastern Europe, Turkey and Tunisia, anticipate their arrival in the newly formed state of Israel.

Robert Capa’s 1949 photograph is just one of 60 stunning images by photojournalists featured in the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage’s exhibitIsrael: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrowto commemorate Israel’s 60th anniversary of statehood.

On display through June 29, the exhibit offers a look at Israel’s short yet rich history and the amazing innovations that have been produced there.

“It’s a very modern state, and I think the whole premise of Israel was that it’s a land of opportunity,” says Judi Feniger, the museum’s executive director.

Founded in 1948, Israel is responsible for many of the things that we use every day. The Epilady shaver and the world’s first antivirus software for personal computers are featured in the exhibit, as well as the ingestible PillCam, which allows a tiny camera to document the inner workings of the human body.

As for the future, Israel is currently creating an aviation vehicle. Used as a life-saving device, X-Hawk looks much like a flying car, with the ability to fly to the heights of skyscrapers and park directly in buildings.

“A lot of these concepts are going to be the innovations of tomorrow,” Feniger says. “We wanted to show what some of those might be.”
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