Such Great Heights

If Cleveland Magazine photo contributor Eric Mull showed up at our office with a stiff neck, we’d understand. He’s been looking up a lot lately, photographing the tallest buildings in 17 cities across the country for his first book, The American Skyscraper. Want to see more of his work? Check out this month’s cover.

Why skyscrapers?
I was looking for a project to do a book on for 10 years. I went to New York for a weekend trip, with one of my goals being to photograph the Empire State Building. As soon as I got [the picture] back, I knew I wanted the project to be on buildings, and then one day it just came to me — I wanted to shoot the tallest.

Do you have a favorite skyscraper?
I have to admit, Key Tower in Cleveland is probably my favorite. You can photograph it from every side of the building, and it looks different from all angles. It’s one of the tallest buildings in the country, and it’s so impressive to stand by because there’s nothing close size-wise around it; it’s all open space. Plus, Cleveland is where I live, so that made it one of my favorites.

What do you hope people will take away from your book?
I really did this project for me; it’s something I’ve wanted to complete my entire life. But if people could take away an appreciation for things they pass by on a day-to-day basis without thinking about it — that would be wonderful for me.
The American
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Such Great Heights
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