Summer Fun Guide: The Great Outdoors

These classes and events will have you breathing fresh air in the parks this summer.





TIP: Sun salutations warm up the body and spirit through 12 postures. For one, yoga instructor Carrie Burchett says stand with steady feet, hands on your heart, then inhale while reaching to the sky.
TIP: Pour water over a dead campfire and cover the site with dirt, says interpretive naturalist Becky Parkin of Lake Metroparks. Make sure coals are cool before leaving the fire.
TIP: Some people don’t realize there are boomerangs for right-handed and left-handed throwers, says boomerang expert Dave Boehm. Using the right one will help you master the tricky toss.
TIP: Naturalist Tim Krynak says the best time to observe bats is when they emerge from their resting places, which usually happens 15 to 30 minutes after sunset.
TIP: Professional sand sculptor Carl Jara says most people don’t use enough water when constructing sand castles. Make sure your sand is thoroughly saturated and compacted before molding it.
TIP: Parkin recommends looking for Cygnus the Swan, also known as the Northern Cross. The constellation will be directly overhead.

*Cuyahoga Valley National Park also offers camping weekends. Visit for more info, or call 330-657-2752 to register.
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