Hall of Shamers

They weren't bad guys. But the teams they played for stunk.  The Indians' on-field success since the 1990s has made a lot of us forget just how tough the team's four-decade slump was on Tribe fans. Even Joe Charboneau winning American League Rookie of the Year honors in 1980 couldn't break the dry spell. Instead, it jinxed him into back problems and an early exit from the majors before the '83 season.

Russell Schneider knows the disappointment all too well. A Plain Dealer sportswriter for 32 years, he covered the Indians daily from 1964 to 1977 and has authored several books about the team, including "The Cleveland Indians Encyclopedia." His newest one, "Whatever Happened to •Super Joe'?" (Gray & Co., $14.95) enlightens fans on "45 Good Old Guys from the Bad Old Days" of Indians baseball. So, if you ever wondered what Brook Jacoby, Gomer Hodge and, yes, "Super Joe" himself did after their days in a Tribe uniform, you'll want to check it out. In the meantime, see if you can match these four Wahoos with what they've been doing since hanging up their spikes. Answers are at the bottom of the page.  

1  He hit just one home run in his eight seasons in an Indians uniform. But as the radio and television voice of the San Francisco Giants, he has witnessed and called more of single-season home run leader Barry Bonds' round-trippers than anyone else in the game. 

2  This Brigham Young University baseball star played for the Tribe for five seasons. Today he's in the real estate business in Mapleton, Utah, where he and his wife are raising their six children in their strong Mormon faith.  

3  He was heartbroken by a trade to Toronto following six seasons playing in Cleveland. In 2004, he rolled a perfect game in a tournament sponsored by the Professional Bowling Association and is the current color analyst for the Arizona Diamondbacks radio network. 

4   His time in an Indians uniform ended when he arrived at the clubhouse one day to learn he had been traded to Minnesota. He became a singer after his days in baseball, touring the country in 2004.

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