Male Bonding

Q. Why write a memoir?

A. Bringing home my daughter from the hospital, I had this really weird realization that I was the same age my dad had been when he brought me home. So I decided to start on a project that would bring me closer to the family. Hunting was the way to do it.

Q. What is the appeal of hunting?

A. It has nothing to do with shooting a deer. When you're out in the woods, for me and for my dad, you're small. All of a sudden your problems become really small. As you start to hear animals waking up, you feel this connection to the world.

Q. The book mentions a childhood obsession with LL Bean. What's the story there?

A. It has nothing to do with the products. It's about this Maine-style living. I wanted to live in the pages of the LL Bean catalog. It's just as good as a travel catalog. What is strange to me is that the obsession hasn't abated. Now, LL Bean will be selling my book in the spring.

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