Press Past

As a Cleveland newspaper reporter for more than 35 years, Winsor French explored the many sides of life here and frequently traveled to Paris, Pago Pago and other exotic destinations to give readers a glimpse into those glitzy vistas. James M. Wood, a former Cleveland Magazine contributor whose coverage of culture, the arts and society appeared in our pages for more than a decade, wrote a recently published book about the legendary newspaperman, Out and About with Winsor French (The Kent State University Press, $29). We talked to Wood about French, who happened to be gay, and the Cleveland he knew.

Q: What was the city like in Winsor's time?

Q: Did Cleveland have a large gay population then?

Q: Did Winsor have an expense account at The Cleveland Press?

Q: Why did Winsor's friend Cole Porter enjoy traveling to Cleveland?

Q: It seemed like Prohibition had little impact.

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