Raab Rage

We ask Scott Raab how he really feels about LeBron.

Scott Raab doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve, but he does wear a Chief Wahoo tattoo on his forearm. The 58-year-old Raab, a graduate of Mayfield High School and Cleveland State University, is a fan of all things Cleveland, particularly the Indians, Browns and Cavs. A 14-year veteran writer for Esquire, he is currently writing a book for HarperCollins on the LeBron James saga. Raab became national news last year when the Miami Heat banned him from the team's home arena for blogging about James, calling him a "gutless loser," "worthless scum" and "the Whore of Akron." We asked Raab how he really feels about LeBron.

What would you say to the people who have accused you of going overboard in your criticism? // People tell me that I sound like a bitter ex-girlfriend, but that's part of being a fan; it transcends romantic love. In Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Detroit, the teams have a lot to do with the places. This book is a meditation on loyalty and Cleveland sports, and part of it has been stepping back into the misery of all of that.

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