Hot Shots: The Set

Find out what's new, old, gone and wrong in Hollywood's version of a Cleveland home.

Melanie, Joy and Victoria have done some redecorating since last season. Sure, they love Cleveland for its lack of vanity, but that doesn't mean style has been abandoned. Their Victorian home (the exterior is a Lakewood house near Nicholson Avenue) is now a mix of Elka's traditional tastes and the ladies' more modern aesthetics.

Old The vintage Magic Chef stove was a $12,000 investment that is staying on. None of the appliances are hooked up, though. If a scene calls for water coming from the faucet, the special effects department steps in.

New Set decorator Maralee Zediker found the trendy turquoise lamps in the dining room for $10 each at Marshalls. (Her per-episode budget is $6,000.) Actually, the whole dining room used to be located on the other side of the living room, but it was taking the actors too long to move from one room to the other, so they rebuilt.

Old The porch swing, where the ladies frequently sit to talk, is staying. The porch is filled with lush plants, including a climbing wisteria. That doesn't grow in Cleveland, we point out. "It does in the spring," Zediker insists.

New The wood floor of Stormi's bar now is black and white tile. After filming, the Hot in Cleveland set was taken apart and put in storage so that Stage 19 (once used to film Seinfeld) could be used for other shows. The floor was destroyed in the process. "The new floor really pops on camera," Zediker says.

Gone The big, chunky leather chair from last season. "You know Elka's husband would have sat there," Zediker says.

Wrong The AARP mail on the desk in the living room is addressed to Zediker, not Elka. The liquor license that hangs in Stormi's is issued to the Burnt Toast Café in Odessa, Texas.

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