Lights, Camera, Action!

Edited by Kelly Petryszyn; Stories by James Bigley II, Christina Bucciere, Jason Brill, Steve Gleydura, Barry Goodrich, Sheehan Hannan, John Hitch, Jillian Kramer, Megan Murray, Cassie Neiden, Kelly Petryszyn, Kim

Get ready for your close-up, Cleveland. Captain AmericaDraft Day and Miss Meadows all premiere this month. So we go behind the scenes with celebrities, extras and crew members who reveal secrets of the silver screen. Plus, click here to learn more about our Hollywood moment.

Hometown Heroes

Joe and Anthony Russo talk Captain America.

Screen Play

Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson and more on making movies here.

Extra tales

From a star encounter to  fight scene, extras confess secrets from set.

Fun House

This Kings of Summer fort is every teenage boy's wildest dream.

Tinsel Town

We pick our favorite Northeast Ohio actors and experimental filmmakers.

Bark Side

A Cleveland makeup artist shows you how to get a look from Draft Day.

Dynamic Set

Meet local crew members who jump off tall buildings, transform spaces and more.

Pigskin Classic

Draft Day co-writer Rajiv Joseph replays the film's journey to the theater.

Money Maker

Draft Day turned to local business for everything from art supplies to yoga.

Favorite spots

We love these three local places featured on the big screen.

Center Stage

From a Canton actor to Bainbridge producer, meet our rising stars.

Movie Stars

We rate the films shot here from best pictures to stories that are so bad it's good.

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