Merry Makings: A Season for Giving In

A Christmas Story 2 is a complete steaming ... lump of coal in movie watchers' stockings. But if you love sequels or are being held at your in-laws' house against your will, here are three reasons to surrender to the straight-to-DVD festive fi

1 The Old Man.
Actor Daniel Stern's Mr. Parker isn't nearly as mean as Darren McGavin's, but his stubbornness and nonsensical grumblings
about the furnace might be as funny.
2 Seeing Flick's Follies.
Seems as though Flick's traumatic experience of having his tongue stuck to a pole didn't ... stick. This time, he gets it sucked into a mail chute in the basement of Higbee's.
3 The Major Moment.
Ralphie uses the money he earned working at Higbee's to buy his dad a leg lamp after taking a homeless family out for — you guessed it, Christmas dinner at a Chinese restaurant.
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