Merry Makings: Jolly Journey

We've all been Ralphie at one time or another. As kids (and sometimes as adults), we've longed for and lusted after a Christmas present just as badly as he wanted that BB gun. What A Christmas Story captures is how material possessions (admit it, you still covet a Red Ryder) can get the best of us in a ridiculous and relatable way. But the cult classic also teaches us the meaning of family, while still making us laugh. Who doesn't have a dad like the Old Man, sputtering imaginary swear words and throwing out gems such as "Fra-gee-lay. That must be Italian"? But just like our dad, he always delivered. It also doesn't hurt that the movie filmed its outdoor scenes in Cleveland using landmarks such as Public Square and the Higbee Building that we will never tire of seeing (and we can visit the house-turned-museum any season). A Christmas Story will always have a warm place in Clevelanders' hearts — a gift we look forward to unwrapping each year.

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