Merry Makings: Movie Matrimony

The longtime fans of A Christmas Story, Erin and Jeff DuBois traveled from Fort Wayne, Ind., to become the first couple married at the A Christmas Story House and Museum. Now six years later, we caught up with Erin about the couple's big day.

Q. Why are you such a fan of the movie?

A. We both have a weird fascination with the 1940s and 1950s. I dress in vintage daily, and 90 percent of the stuff in our house is old. We have a 1951 refrigerator and a 1955 Tappan stove. The movie embodies that era. It's what Christmas used to be and should be now.

Q. What was the ceremony like?

A. I wore a vintage 1940s cream suit with a red pocket handkerchief. I walked in to the Little Orphan Annie theme song. We got a leg lamp as part of our package. The guy who actually delivered the leg lamp in the movie [local extra Jim Moralevitz] brought it in.

Q. What did you do with the lamp?

A. We still keep it in the front window of our house. We get a lot of traffic during the holidays.

Q. Do you ever get tired of watching A Christmas Story?

A. Never. We watch it with family every year, and then we listen to it on a radio station here that airs it in a loop for 24 hours.

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