Talking the Vote

David Gregory of NBC's Meet the Press on how Ohio may impact the 2012 Presidential Election.

Q: Ohio has a huge influence on who wins the presidency. Does that also give us an unusual influence on the political debate?

A: I think so, if it's leveraged in the right way. Who better than an Ohio voter to lead the charge on dealing with the excesses of negative campaigning or a lack of cooperation in Washington, the dysfunction in the political system? ... You have that power to really send a statement.

Q: What challenges does Ohio pose for President Obama?

A: It's still job loss, the stress on the manufacturing sector. The campaign that they'll run, particularly in this part of the state, is about what they've done in Michigan, about the auto bailout and where it's helped in northeastern Ohio. At the moment, that's what gives him a stronger hand.

Q: And for Mitt Romney?

A: I think his opposition to the auto bailout is something that his campaign believes is going to hurt him. They have some concerns about his ability to drive out social conservative voters in the state, particularly in the southern part of the state.

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