5 in 15 Words: Galleries

  1. Elissa Cox: with a twinge and a grimace
    Nov. 6-Dec. 19,
    Sculpture Center, sculpturecenter.org

    The pain inside explodes on the outside into a beautiful exposure of human organ sculptures.
  2. Spicy Dames & Tales of Mystery
    Thru Sept. 13,
    William Rupnik Gallery,artchitecturegallery.com

    Sleeping Beauty meets Rosie the Riveter on an oil-spilled canvas dripping magnificent, seductive portraits.
  3. Woman + Paint
    Oct. 2-Nov. 6,
    Artists Archives of the Western Reserve, artistsarchives.org

    These local artists do double girl-power damage in striking yet feminine portraits and sculptures.
  4. Joseph O’Sickey
    Oct. 16-Nov. 28,
    Bonfoey Gallery, bonfoey.com

    Vibrant landscapes will make you think you are in a fairy tale with Monet himself.
  5. Fridge Door Exhibition
    Nov. 13-Dec. 4,
    Asterisk Gallery,asteriskgallery.com
    It’s art doing the impossible: keeping the fridge light on while the door is closed.
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