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Julia Kuo's art began as a personal, visual record of her life here. It's since grown into a blog that offers unusual and insightful views of the city.

Julia Kuo's visions of Cleveland capture glimpses of old neighborhoods and everyday places in a swirl of strong lines and rich colors. The 26-year-old freelance illustrator's art blog, 100 Days in Cleveland, pays tribute to the city by sharing the digital images she builds out of sketches of each place.

Kuo, who grew up in Los Angeles before moving to Cleveland four years ago, says her blog was originally just something she did for herself. "I've always wanted a visual record of why I like Cleveland, and this will be a good package once it's completed," Kuo says of the collection she'll have at the end of her 100 days of sketching. Each original drawing is scanned and digitally colored using a Wacom computer tablet and Photoshop software. Kuo also sells her prints on Etsy for $10 each.

Kuo chooses each spot because she feels it's worth sharing. "I don't ever worry about it being visually interesting enough," she says. "It should have a little bit of history when it comes to Cleveland, and it has to have personal meaning too."

We asked Kuo to tell us the stories behind four of her favorite works from the 100 Days in Cleveland project.





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