Fall Arts & Entertainment Preview: Galleries

Chuck Close: Radical Innovator

Nov. 8-Jan. 12, Contessa Gallery, contessagallery.com

It has taken Chuck Close from three to 14 months to create a single painting ever since he was left paralyzed from the neck down after a seizure in 1988. The 73-year-old artist continues to revolutionize the way we look at modern portraiture. View never-before-seen portraits of friends, family and fellow artists along with the influential Keith/Mezzotint, which marks the first time he made the grid system behind his works visible.

Charles F. Schweinfurth: Uncompromising Architect of Cleveland's Valiant Age

Sept. 6-Nov. 2, Beck Center for the Arts, clevelandartists.org

You're acquainted with some of Charles Schweinfurth's work if you've ever driven past Millionaires' Row. View a collection of his original blueprints, hand-colored renderings and pencil drawings in this exhibit that showcases one of Cleveland's most influential architects.

Made In Mourning: Contemporary Memorial and Reliquary

Sept. 19-Dec. 20, Sculpture Center, sculpturecenter.org

East Cleveland Township Cemetery is just one of four locations where art aficionados can come to terms with finality. Carol Hummel, one of 10 artists involved, will replicate the tribute tree she made for Chardon High School on the grounds. "They're all creating contemporary and reliquary art based on ways in which we mourn," says curator Nicholas Fenell.

Randall Tiedman Retrospective: Genius Loci

Oct. 18-Jan. 4, Kokoon Arts Gallery, kokoonarts.com

If you've seen a large-scale landscape by Cleveland artist Randall Tiedman, it was likely painted entirely from memory. This exhibit brings together works from all stages of his career as a tribute to Tiedman, who died last November. See more than 100 pieces ranging from his earlier vibrant pastel and acrylic paintings to the darker industrial wastelands of his later years.

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