Master Work: My Favorite Piece

Red Books, Andy Warhol

"They are sort of a precursor ... to our obsession today with documenting everything — ourselves, our actions, our friends — through the use of cellphones."

Betsy Lantz, director of library and archives

Lot's Wife, Anselm Kiefer

"It's a living work of art, the fact that it is changing every day. There are things coming off of the canvas. ... I do think after a while this will be a blank work of art. I am hoping that will not happen with us. "

Dagmar Clements, Bedford High School art and ceramics teacher

Celebration, Lee Krasner

"She looks like she is waiting for something. And it's almost like you hope it's something positive, something wonderful that's going to happen. It's very poignant."

Claudia Woods, volunteer docent

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