Erin Go Rock

The Band The New Barleycorn The Boys From the County Hell Brace Yourself Bridget!
The Meeting Irishmen John Delaney and Alec DeGabriele met in Cleveland in 1995 at local festivals and concerts. Delaney had played for 24 years with The Barleycorn in Ireland. DeGabriele led a  well-known Irish show band. An assortment of musicians from local rock bands formed a Pogues cover band for St. Patty’s Day in 2000 at the Euclid Tavern. They sold out the show and have been at it ever since. Five years ago, Jim Stamper, a veteran of the bar business and the band business, wanted to form a rock band that played Celtic music with a ton of instruments and even more energy. With his two sons and folks he’d met over the years, they formed Brace Yourself Bridget!
The Insturments 7, including a mandolin and a bodhran 9, including a fiddle, accordion and tin whistle 14, including a flute, didgeridoo, djembe, bouzouki and bagpipes
The Sound A mixing of traditional Irish tunes with original material penned by DeGabriele. “We add in a bit of traditional Irish dance music, reels and jigs,” Delaney says. “Very often when we play, the kids will get up spontaneously and dance.” Ninety percent of the time, it’s all about the Pogues. They match each song, instrument for instrument, and then add their own touch. “We play up the rock side a little bit more,” says Chris Allen. “We might be a little rowdier, if that’s possible.” Eight band members and a meld of Irish and rock ’n’ roll instruments create a unique sound, including traditional tunes with a twist and original material. The band even gets radio play in Ireland.
The Albums Six full-length records, the latest one called “It’s Good to See You” None “Brace Yourself Bridget!” (2005)
Favorite Irish beverage “Tullamore Dew for whiskey drinking, but we’ll really drink anything damp,” Delaney says. “We’re Guinness guys,” Allen says. “A Guinness or a Powers whiskey, the band won’t say no to onstage.” “Guinness, of course. We all drink Guinness,” Jim Stamper says. (Everyone that is, except his underage son.)
Favorite Irish Thing About Cleveland “Undoubtedly the people. The Irish connection in Cleveland, primarily,” Delaney says. How much the city embraces the culture and tradition of Irish music. “Taking the stage on St. Patrick’s Day is the most fun we’ll have all year,” Stamper says. “I’ve been working [in a bar] every St. Patrick’s Day since 1972, and I know Cleveland rallies around that day.”
St. Patty’s Day Gig Nighttown in Cleveland Heights A morning gig at the House of Blues, followed by a show at Flannery’s in the afternoon, and their annual St. Patty’s performance at the Harp. Stamper’s in Fairview Park — where else?
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