Keith Urban Gets Personal

As country superstar Keith Urban talks about the bigger, better show he's staging on his Alive in i05 Tour (which stops at Quicken Loans Arena on Nov. 3), it's easy to take as gospel truth his joking comment that "I'm far too busy working to enjoy the life that my work affords me." Yet the 38-year-old Australian native has found the time to achieve a couple of personal milestones during the last several months. Earlier this year he moved into his first house, an abode in his adopted hometown of Nashville that he found while it was still under construction.


"I worked with a really good interior designer, telling her what I was looking for and what I wanted, and it's actually beautiful," he enthuses. "It's just very open and spacious and organic."


He also indicates that he's ready for a romantic relationship an interesting development, given that he's reportedly been spotted with Oscar-winning actress and fellow Aussie Nicole Kidman.


In a press release regarding "The Hard Way," a cut off his latest release, "Be Here," Urban said: "As you grow up, you start to recognize how hard it is keeping a relationship together. Iim beginning to appreciate the work involved and perhaps the areas where I could not put in the work. "


But Urban insists that comment was made some time ago.


"To date, I havenit felt like I would be able to achieve both personal and professional balance in my life Iive not been very good at achieving that," he admits. "But I'm finding myself much more in that place these days. ... Iive got a lot more peace in my private life, a lot of things Iim grateful for. Those things have helped immensely."

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