Summer Breeze

Sun-streaked melodies have always come natural to laid-back, Hawaii-dwelling crooner Jack Johnson. Following the release of his sixth studio album, From Here to Now to You, Johnson and his band bring their breezy tunes to Blossom Music Center May 30 with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros opening. "The best way to present our music is outdoors on a summer evening," Johnson says. The chill singer-songwriter recommends three songs that make for the perfect soundtrack to the wispy, carefree summer days ahead.

Elvis Costello and the Roots

"Walk Us Uptown"

"I just love to hear their funky band and Questlove's drum playing with Costello's voice over the top, and the way he syncopates the words. It was a great feeling to walk around New York with that in my headphones."

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

"Better Days"

"One of my favorite songs last summer was 'Home.' We just did a show in South America together. ... The entire band came up with us — there were horn players, everyone singing, tambourines, it was really fun."

Michael Kiwanuka

"I'll Get Along"

"If I had to pick a record for the summer, it'd be his Home Again. He's only 27, and he has the most soulful voice you'll ever hear with such a nice, heartfelt delivery. It sounds like an old recording of Bill Withers."

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