A Christmas Cause

When we got the message “FINAL YEAR! DON’T MISS IT!” about the Cleveland Play House’s A Christmas Story, we thought we must have read it wrong. The production, now in its fifth year, has been a big hit.

From Clevelanders who remember the 1983 movie filming to those of us who just relate to the Midwestern childhood it depicts, there’s something innately Cleveland about A Christmas Story. And with Tremont’s A Christmas Story House only a few miles away, Cleveland has become “a very unique holiday destination,” says Lisa Craig, public relations manager at the Cleveland Play House.

Despite its popularity, A Christmas Story was never intended to be a permanent addition to the theater’s lineup, Craig says. And with huge changes on the horizon — the theater will move downtown in 2011 to partner with PlayhouseSquare and Cleveland State University — Cleveland Play House is keeping its options open.

Still, we just don’t think we’re ready to give up our search for an official Red Ryder carbine-action, 200-shot, range-model air rifle yet — and it seems neither is Cleveland Play House.

“It’s our final year, but please tell us how much you enjoy it,” Craig says. “If we got a deluge of wonderful positive reinforcement about how much [Clevelanders] hope to see us continue to do A Christmas Story, then we’re going to pay attention to that.”

C’mon Cleveland. We triple dog dare you.
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