Price Point

Drew Carey won't be asking you to come on down when the touring Price is Right Live stops at the Palace Theatre Oct. 16, but guest host Jerry Springer will. If that's not reason enough to reserve a seat, here are three games you'll want to play. 

» Cliff Hangers // Maybe it's the yodeling or our somewhat sadistic hope that the contestant misestimates the value of the prizes so the lederhosen-clad cutout takes a nosedive off the mountaintop. Either way, we like watching the contestant sweat through this one.

» Plinko // Most believe the direction of these falling chips comes down to luck. But once you climb the stairs clutching those magnificent pucks, ready to send them on a peg-filled descent, you realize: Who cares about luck? I'm playing Plinko!

» Hole in One // This one is for those who spend their Sundays reading the greens rather than the coupon section. Even if you can't organize the six items from least to most expensive, you get two chances to sink a nearly 10-foot putt. Just don't go all Happy Gilmore on Springer if you miss.

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