(dine out) Patios for all Seasons

Like a kid on Christmas Eve, Clevelanders eagerly await the start of patio season. Snowed in all winter long, come spring it’s all about getting face time with sunshine before the lake effect picks up and it’s off to hibernating indoors. But al fresco dining fanatics can rejoice as the temps start to fall. We found a few all-season patios that keep the atmosphere alive and the cold out.


12387 Cedar Road, Cleveland Heights
(216) 795-0550

Seasons Available: 4
Reservations/Private Parties: Yes
Why We Like It: This is one patio that will have you shouting, “Bring on the snow!” Enclosed by glass walls, you’ll feel like a part of nature from the comfort (and warmth) of the indoors. An elaborate waterfall blocks out street noise and creates a pleasant focal point. Plus, the patio has its own bar, kitchen and 60-inch TV, so it’s perfect for private celebrations.

Sergio’s Sarava
13225 Shaker Square, Cleveland
(216) 295-1200

Seasons Available: 3 (Open on mild winter days.)
Reservations/Private Parties: No
Why We Like It: A covered veranda with drop sides and heaters keeps the 120-foot wrap-around patio open in temps that dip into the 40s. It’s one-size-fits-all here: an urban feel in one corner, overlooking Shaker Square, and in the other you’re tucked away in a quiet nook surrounded by greenery and handmade wrought-iron panels.

The Pub Rocky River
19304 Detroit Road, Rocky River
(440) 356-6933

Seasons Available: 4
Reservations/Private Parties: Yes
Why We Like It: It’s nice to be able to sit outside and enjoy the view in this town — especially if it’s snowing. Once the cold starts biting, temporary walls come down, plastic covers are hung, and heaters are fired up, so a cold brew won’t be the only thing keeping you toasty. Stone flooring and glass patio doors add to the illusion that you’re eating outside.
Great Lakes Brewing Co.
2516 Market Ave., Cleveland
(216) 771-4404

Seasons Available: 4
Reservations/Private Parties: No
Why We Like It: The Beer Garden screams versatility. It’s ready for sun, rain and sleet with a retractable roof and glass wall that open in good weather and also easily close out the cold but still let you watch the world go by. Well known for its green initiatives, this year-round patio is living proof. Hot water pipes in the floor keep the brick-walled space toasty.Great Lakes Brewing Co.
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