(good eats) Sweet Twists

>> Solon: You either love her or you love to hate her, but one thing is for sure, Whoopi Goldberg can pick a pretzel. The talk show host added Solon-based gourmet chocolate pretzel maker Pretzables to her must-haves list on The View in September. The ladies of the show gave the kosher treats an overwhelming five thumbs up to owner Lisa Paige Blair, who was in the audience. “It was so surreal,” she says. We decided to try the salty-sweet treats to see how they’d rank on the too-good-to-miss meter. The colorful confections didn’t disappoint. They are as tasty to the eyes as they are to the palate and come wrapped in bright colored boxes (which make them great for gift-giving) and adorned with white or dark chocolate, M&M’s, nuts, sprinkles or toffee (which make them great for eating). 30700 Bainbridge Road, Solon, (440) 349-3311
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