A Dish We Love

It's cruel to ask you to share. Five chorizo-stuffed dates ($9) arrive on the plate wrapped in crisp bacon and resting in a shallow pool of roasted tomato vinaigrette. As you slip the first two in your mouth, it's pure ecstasy. The savory bacon and chorizo samba with the sweet flavor of the date. But when it comes to the last one, you'll stare down your dining partner, waiting to see who blinks first. Fahrenheit chef Rocco Whalen served the appetizer as a happy hour special before promoting it to his main menu. "It's a great cold-weather dish, especially when they come out piping hot," he says. The vinaigrette, which helps distinguish the dish from other bacon-wrapped figs or quinces around town, is made from high-quality oils, and Whalen slow roasts the tomatoes to bring out their natural sweetness. This battle of upscale ambience versus finger food will have you making a grab for that last stuffed date. This is an appetizer worth fighting for.

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