A Dish We Love: Lemon Curd Jackflaps

Don't reach for the syrup. Not yet. And as much as your instincts compell you, practice restraint before spreading the cinnamon house butter all over these pancakes. That's because the sweet mix of cherries, raspberries and blueberries in the thick jam marries oh so well with the tart of the creamy lemon curd. One of the many stars at Jack Flaps, Eric Williams' 40-seat urban breakfast shoppe in Ohio City, the lemon curd pancakes ($8.50) are delicious any time of day. Our only complaint? Not enough lemon-jammy goodness for every bite of the large, airy cakes. But don't get your flannel in a wad, the cinnamon butter and syrup are tasty too — especially when paired with the spicy Vietnamese-style sausage patties. Just finish with one last perfectly fruity bite to tide you over until next time. 3900 Lorain Ave., Cleveland, 216-961-5199, jack-flaps.com

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