A Taste For: Apples

What’s more American than apple pie? Supporting the local farmers who grow the apples to make that pie.
This fall, Cleveland Independents restaurants are featuring dishes with locally grown apples. The fruit was chosen because of its seasonal abundance, unmatched variety and versatility in cooking. Rose Wong, owner of Pearl of the Orient, says she likes working with local farmers because she has limited knowledge about different types of apples.
“I just tell them what I need for a certain dish, and they give me something that blows my mind,” she says. Matthew Mathlage, executive chef at Light Bistro, uses local farms as a matter of principle. “The best thing for the environment is to use what’s local and in season. For the four months a year our farms are producing, we have food that’s as good as anywhere else in the world.”

In honor of the effort, we’ve taken items from five participating restaurants to create the ultimate gourmet meal for any apple lover. -The Drink
Caramel apple martini, $8.95, Aura Global Cuisine, 9200 Broadview Road, Broadview Heights, (440) 546-9940

-The Appetizer
Apple and red bean paste egg rolls, $2.50, Pearl of the Orient, 20121 Van Aken Blvd., Shaker Heights, (216) 751-8181

-The Seafood Course
Pan-roasted scallops with sage butternut squash risotto in a Beckwood’s apple cider reduction, $12, Bistro on Main, 1313 W. Main St., Kent, (330) 673-9900

-The Meat Course
Cider brine pork filet in a candy apple gastrique, part of prix-fixe $48 menu, One Walnut, 1801 E. Ninth St., Cleveland, (216) 575-1111

-The Dessert
Textures of apple — apple cider sphere, sous vide apple with citrus, caramel apple mousse, apple chips and fresh apple carpaccio, $15, Light Bistro, 2801 Bridge Ave., Cleveland, (216) 771-7130

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