Body and Soul Food

C2 samples from Mediterranean cuisine for a creative and nutritional menu.

The kitchens of Rome, Cairo and Athens all hold a secret for Michael Roizen, Cleveland Clinic chief wellness officer: A Mediterranean diet — comprising fresh seafood, poultry, pasta, nuts and fruits — reduces the risk of disability, disease and heart attacks. Under Roizen's guidance, C2, the posh restaurant in the InterContinental Suites Cleveland lobby, has become an ambassador for the cuisines of the region. More than half the lunch and dinner appetizers and entrees are Clinic-approved "Go! Foods" (fewer than 4 grams each of saturated fat, added sugars and syrups, and low sodium). French chef Vincent Cachot infuses a creative flair while never undermining these nutritional guidelines. And though he still loves a good burger, Cachot says the Clinic has opened his eyes. "The healthier you eat, the longer you live and better you can control your weight."

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