Burrito Battle

The tried and true burrito chain takes on the new kid on the block in Ohio City. Which one’s better? Sampling them both, we’re a staff divided.

 Ohio City Burrito
 vs.  Chipotle
PLACE YOUR ORDER: Step up to the glass divider, and be ready to utter one of two phrases for a made-to-order burrito: “I’ll take the brother’s” ($6.15) or “I’ll take the veggie” ($5.85). Those are your only burrito options on the small menu. The good news? There’s no limit on toppings.

THE STUFFING: I loved Ohio City Burrito before my first bite. Guac and sour cream were spread on the tortilla before rice and beans were added, meaning an even distribution in every bite. Plus seasoned chicken and salsa, it was heaven in a tightly wrapped tortilla.

IT’S BETTER BECAUSE… There’s no extra charge for guacamole. 1844 W. 25th St., Cleveland, 216-664-0908, ohiocityburrito.com
  PLACE YOUR ORDER: There’s usually a bit of a wait, so you’ll have plenty of time to decide what you’d like as you progress down the line of more than a dozen fresh ingredients and a few more meat options. Here, I feel like I’m in charge. If I want more or less beans, extra guac or cheese, I get it.

THE STUFFING: The barbacoa, a slow-roasted spicy shredded beef is my meat of choice and a must for those looking for a good kick. And who doesn’t love the choice of four different salsas (get them all!) or the guacamole that’s good enough to eat alone?

IT’S BETTER BECAUSE … The burrito’s full of more bite than its Ohio City counterpart. chipotle.com 

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