Decisions, Decisions

The shots go down a little easier at Wilbert's these days, especially as the Cavaliers rack up losses down the street at The Q. Gone are the heady days of last season when $2 LeBron Jameson shots were raised in celebration at the Gateway neighborhood bar. The infamous Decision changed all that. It also forced Wilbert's owner Michael Miller to modify his Irish whiskey marketing gimmick. "Right at that point, I realized I had to change it up," he says. "I looked at the roster, and I said, •Well, I guess it's right here.'" Unlike the bar's now-extinct Victor Martinis and Brady Bombs, Wilbert's basketball-season drink special lives on. This year, Miller is selling $2 Antawn Jameson shots during Cavs games. If things keep going the way they have, we predict you'll need one by midway through the third quarter.

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