Dessert for Dinner

Cleveland: Fight the urge to turn up your nose at the thought of chocolate sauce on your pasta. It’s just quirky enough to work. And chef Wyatt Grace is crazy enough to try it at Chocolate Bar, where three dishes move the sweet from the end of the meal to the heart of it.

“We’re taking chocolate out of its element,” says Grace, who uses all sorts of it from milk to white to dark chocolate cocoa, the latter of which he uses in a dry rub mixed with chili powder on pork tenderloin ($11.95).

The Chocolate Bar Pasta is his twist on Alfredo sauce ($7.95). Fettucini meets Belgian white chocolate chips and white wine blended into a cream that’s sweet without being sugary. Adding just the right amount of chocolate — enough to taste but not enough to overpower other flavors — is Grace’s secret.

Less adventurous chocolate lovers can still satisfy their cravings with one of more than 25 desserts, chocolate cocktails or martinis, including a 32-ounce megatini (suitable for sharing with the whole table) that’ll set you back $69.95. Ooh, that’s rich.

347 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, 216-622-2626,
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