Drunken Desserts

They're sweet endings you love, but with a little something added in.

Guinness Ice Cream Sundae

Imagine the first sip of a Guinness, the perfect combination of beer and foam. The first bite of The Harp's sundae ($6.79) is a little like this. We like the idea of Guinness-flavored ice cream so much that we could go for a bit more beer flavor. But brownies, pecans, whipped cream, and chocolate and caramel sauces add nice texture and variety. 4408 Detroit Ave., Cleveland, 216-939-0200, the-harp.com

Bread Pudding

The Brew Kettle's hefty cube of spongy bread pudding ($4.99) isn't too sweet on its own, so it works well with the custard sauce on top. And that's where the kitchen has a little fun, spiking it with Maker's Mark bourbon. It's not too prominent, but we soaked up all the extra sauce covering the plate, so we'd say we liked it. 8377 Pearl Road, Strongsville, 440-239-8788, thebrewkettle.com

Adult Root Beer Float

It's not on the dessert menu, but Jammy Buggars spikes one of our favorite childhood treats, the root beer float ($8), with more than a shot of vanilla vodka. Add some soda and Mitchell's ice cream, and it's a fizzy, creamy ending to a good meal or the beginning of a good night. 15625 Detroit Ave., Lakewood, 216-767-5922, jammybuggars.com

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