Eat Local: Cheese

Lake Erie Creamery

Who They Are: Husband and wife Jerry Onken and Mariann Janosko started their urban creamery in 2006. Mariann had only taken a cheese class 20 years ago, so the retired couple brushed up on their skills and never looked back. "We just have a good time with it," she says. What They Have: Blomma (a more assertive goat cheese), Caerphilly (a mild and buttery cheese), fresh chevre, feta, and fromage blanc Try This: Blomma. "It's kind of like a Brie, but since it's made with goat milk, it's really creamy and tasty." Where To Get It: Fahrenheit, Lola, Rosewood Grill, Coit Road Market, Rego's Lake Road Market and more. For a complete list, visit the website.

Lucky Penny Creamery

Who They Are: Abbe and Anderson Turner bought a Portage County farm in 2002 and decided in 2010 to start producing cheese from the milk of the dairy goats at a facility in Kent. "We started making it for family enjoyment and realized goat cheese is so flexible." What They Have: Fresh chevre (plain, blazen hot mango, herb and tart cherry) and Greek feta Try This: The goat feta packed in a whey brine. "We use a traditional Greek recipe, and it always pleases me when folks say, 'This is how I remember it from when I was a child.' " Where To Get It: Fire Food & Drink, Flying Fig, Tremont Farmers Market, Hudson Farmers Market, Whole Foods and Nature's Bin

Mackenzie Creamery

Who They Are: Jean Mackenzie decided to take a cheese-making class in 2007. After that she was hooked. Along with her partner Jim, she converted the lower level of their Hiram barn into a creamery specializing in making goat cheese. "I love the chemistry of making your own cheese," Mackenzie says. What They Have: 13 flavors of fresh chevre, including black truffle, honey, apricot ginger, blueberry lemon and cognac fig, and three styles of aged buche (plain, rolled ash and black truffle) Try This: Cognac fig. "It's won three national awards. It has a very complex profile of flavors." Where To Get It: Flying Fig, Umami, West Point Market, North Union Farmers Market Shaker Square and more. For a complete list, visit the website.

Miceli Dairy

Who They Are: John Miceli was just 15 years old when he started selling his Italian cheeses out of a Model-T pickup back in 1923. Today, his four children all co-own the nationally recognized company. "My grandfather and my father were working with dairy farmers as a way to avoid waste," says Jonathan Miceli, the company's sales coordinator. What They Have: Fresh mozzarella, ricotta, mascarpone, grated Parmesan, Romano wedges, Parmesan wedges and string cheese Try This: Ciliegini. "It's a small pearl-size of soft mozzarella you can mix in with pasta, salads and pizza." Where To Get It: Any local supermarket or grocer

Ornery Goat Dairy Farm


Who They Are: Debby and Ed Durkee started with two goats in 2002, and four years later they opened a dairy farm on 51 acres in Ravenna. Today they have a milking herd of approximately 24 goats. "We had to find a way to make them earn their keep," Debby jokes. What They Have: Goat milk, fresh feta, fresh smoked feta, fresh marinated feta, soft goat cheese in four flavors (chive and onion, chipotle, garlic dill, and plain), whole milk ricotta and goat milk fudge Try This: Goat milk. "As far as we know, we are the only Grade A place who processes [goat] milk for human consumption in the state of Ohio." Where To Get It: North Union Farmers Market at Crocker Park, Kent Haymakers Farmers Market and Krieger's

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