Flavor Fiesta

Momocho chef and owner Eric Williams has as much fun creating his array of margaritas as we do drinking them. The playful approach is evident in his modern Mexican restaurant's seasonal flavors such as fig, pomegranate and ginger fruit punch. "As chefs that's what we get to do," he says. "We play with food." Take the spicy mango version: The sweet fruit flavor is punched up with a puree of habanero chiles. The cucumber margarita, which is the restaurant's No. 1 seller, features a spicy lime salt rim. But sometimes Williams likes to keep things simple. He's served his straight-forward blood orange margarita since the restaurant opened in 2006. "If we took it off the menu, there would be anarchy," Williams says. 1835 Fulton Road, Cleveland, 216-694-2122, momocho.com

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