Get Your Goat

Cleveland-based food bloggers

Michael Novotny and Roselle Ponsaran love food so much, they had their engagement pictures taken at Ohio City’s West Side Market. The location was fitting; it was the inspiration for their online culinary diary,
But Novotny and Ponsaran bonded over food long before the start of their popular blog. “He will tell you that he knew I was special when I confessed that one of my guilty pleasures is doughnuts,” says Ponsaran, also known as Ladygoat.
There is no theme, no rhyme or reason to Novotny’s dinners, or his fiancée’s blogs. “He cooks and I eat,” she explains. And then she writes about it.
She might chat about what he made and the ingredients he used, review recipes they’ve tried, report the results of side-by-side taste tests, or chronicle experiments involving favorite foods. Their current passions are avocados and Point Reyes blue cheese. The log of their gastronomic adventures also features wines they’ve sampled, musings on Post-its that look like slices of red onion, and restaurants visited.
When Ponsaran first began Foodgoat in 2003, there were fewer than 100 food blogs. She’s lost track of the number out there now. “No one gets sick of writing about food,” she says. “It’s so fun to talk about. It’s not really a topic you fight about much, like politics.” 

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