Inside the Box

Sure, there's the parade and countless pints of Guinness, but what we're really anticipating on St. Patrick's Day is the food. While traditionalists might have corned beef and cabbage on their minds, we're looking forward to another classic: boxty. This Irish potato pancake combines grated potatoes, cream and flour, which form a rich batter that is sauteed, resulting in light, fluffy and delicious cakes. Boxty is traditional Irish fare, and the Harp has been serving it up for more than 12 years, the recipe straight from Ireland courtesy of owner and manager Karen O'Malley's grandmother. The corned beef boxty, a diner favorite, puts an Irish spin on the classic Reuben. House-prepared brisket, melted Swiss and sauerkraut are stuffed into the center of the boxty, which is folded over and topped with a generous portion of the Harp's homemade Russian dressing. Salmon, steak, chicken, vegetable and turkey Reuben boxty dishes are also available, but as O'Malley says, "It's all about the potato pancake." The Harp is gearing up for St. Patrick's Day, which falls on a weekend for the first time in five years. "I think it's gonna be crazy busy," says O'Malley. "It's going to be a wonderful weekend." The Harp, 4408 Detroit Ave., Cleveland, 216-939-0200,

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