Kitchen Confidential

A local writer takes us into the kitchens of our favorite Cleveland chefs.

Clevelander Maria Isabella cooked and wrote for most of her adult life. She even created a cookbook of her favorite dishes just so her five grown children would stop asking her for the same recipes over and over.

But a chance conversation with her daughter sparked her desire to go one step further. The two were talking about the things they'd always wanted to do, when Isabella shared her desire to write a book about Cleveland's culinary talent. As the economy slowed, the idea took shape.

"We weren't able to go out as much," Isabella says. "[I thought], Wouldn't that be neat to be able to replicate what [chefs] make, at home?"

Isabella will discuss her resulting book, In the Kitchen with Cleveland's Favorite Chefs: 35 Fabulous Meals in About an Hour at the Fabulous Food Show Nov. 9-11. She'll also moderate a food demonstration featuring two Cleveland chefs each day of the show.

Here's a look at what three of the chefs featured in Isabella's book prepared when she visited them at home.

Spice Kitchen & Bar's

Ben Bebenroth

La Campagna's

Carmella Fragassi


Eric Williams

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