3 Chefs Mix Up Traditional Lemon Aid

Take a sip from one of these three remixed takes on summer's classic refresher.
COWELL & HUBBARD » Pomegranate lemonade ($4) is just one of the pleasant surprises you may find Cowell & Hubbard serving during your next lunch break. Chef Zack Bruell's PlayhouseSquare spot tries to offer an alternative lemonade flavor each day, based on what fresh fruits are available from the kitchen. "We'll use pomegranate juice one day and strawberries the next," says general manager Sean McNeil. "It depends on what we have in stock and what are the freshest ingredients." 1305 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, 216-479-0555, cowellhubbard.com

TOWN HALL » Town Hall general manager Christa Fitch devised this vanilla bean lemonade ($3) last summer after trying a version of it at the Kamm's Corners Farmers Market. "I never knew what the recipe was. I just went home and started making it on my own," she says. The vanilla beans are split and scraped out, then reduced to a simple syrup with a pinch of salt, lemon peel and sugar, and mixed with fresh-squeezed lemons and filtered water for a drink that's mildly sweet and smooth. 1909 W. 25th St., Cleveland, 216-344-9400, townhallohiocity.com

WASHINGTON PLACE BISTRO & INN » Washington Place Bistro & Inn general manager Megan LeFebvre created a strawberry rhubarb mint lemonade for June's Farm to Table event at the Cleveland Botanical Garden. "People kept coming back asking if we had something like it on our menu," she says. Now a rotating lemonade flavor has been added to the restaurant's lineup. The newest addition, blueberry thyme lemonade ($3), boils down blueberries with water and sugar until they burst. The berries absorb the thyme as they cool, creating the simple syrup that's added to lemonade. 2203 Cornell Road, Cleveland, 216-791-6500, washingtonplacelittleitaly.com
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