Lunch Bunch

Local chefs think outside the box with affordable and tasty three-course midday meals.

You've almost certainly had that moment during lunch when you're just not sure what you want to order, but worry no more — local restaurants are now offering affordable lunch options of sandwich, salad and soup combinations. "It's the ultimate comfort when you can get something that is crunchy, that's going with something that's really soft, that's going with something that might be creamier," says Bonbon Pastry & Cafe owner Courtney Bonning. "It really offers every sense something." Get your fill with these choices from three local restaurants.

Bonbon Pastry & Cafe

What you get: Owner Courtney
Bonning likes to change up her
menu with the seasons, so look for
summer sandwiches such as grilled
asparagus, classic tuna or warm
turkey and Gruyere. Complete your
meal with a house salad and soup
du jour for just $10. "It goes with
every single season," Bonning says
of the combination lunch. "It is the
ultimate, most satisfying thing you
can give your palate when you're not
entirely sure what you want."
Our pick: Warm turkey and
Gruyere sandwich, house salad and
chicken tortilla soup.
2549 Lorain Ave., Cleveland,

What you get: Head downtown
for the Lunchbox ($12) and get a
taste of co-owner Chris Hodgson's
PBLT, crispy fried chicken sandwich or
grilled pimento cheese. The meal also
comes with tomato basil bisque or
the soup of the day and the market
salad. Substitute other salads, such as
the baby kale Caesar or arugula with
berries, for an extra $2. "For the fried
chicken, [Chris] spent five, six months
working on the sauce recipe to get
it just right," says executive chef
Jim Blevins. Our pick: Crispy fried
chicken sandwich, arugula salad and
tomato basil bisque.
668 Euclid Ave., Cleveland,
Light Bistro

What you get: The ingredients
used here are all organic or sustain
-ably sourced, including those in the
Light "Boxed" Lunch ($15). Choose
from half a panini (pick from Brie and
apple, braised pork belly or Cuban
chicken), a light chopped or Casear
salad, a cup of the soup of the day,
plus a cookie. "You don't have to
worry about ordering multiple por-
tions," says executive chef and owner
Matthew Mathlage. "Everything's
just put in front of you, and you can
eat it as you like." Our pick: Cuban
chicken panini, light chopped salad
and shrimp ceviche gazpacho.
2801 Bridge Ave., Cleveland,
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