Morning Glory: The Case for Saturday Brunch

Everyone knows brunch is a lazy Sunday tradition, an after-church meal spent fighting over the last piece of rye toast with your family. But like Toby Keith looking for a pop hit, the all-purpose feast is attempting to cross over into Saturday. Unfortunately, the tasty trend isn't catching on like so many red Solo cups. With only a handful of local restaurants doing Saturday brunch, it's more like the agonizing crawl of the final drops of syrup pouring out of an Aunt Jemima bottle. Sure, Sunday and brunch go together like eggs and bacon, a day of rest to indulge in comfort food and mimosas with nowhere to be until 8 a.m. Monday. But let the thought of Saturday percolate a little. The extra day gives the a.m.-adverse a second chance. It's also a way to carve out an additional hour or two for the important things in life (like Market Garden Brewery's breakfast burrito). Maybe I am being greedy, but Saturday brunch has become a weekly ritual for my friends and I. After hitting the snooze button a few times, it's where we catch up and fuel up for the day's errands. But we still want gourmet grub. And you know who's got it? Fire Food & Drink's chef and owner Douglas Katz. Not only is he open on Saturday (and Sunday), but he uses ingredients from the Shaker Square Farmers Market purchased that morning to make his dishes, such as the BBQ beef crepes. We need more chefs like him to crack open their culinary minds and embrace this day of the week. Let's not limit this special, sacred meal to only Sunday.

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