Noodling Around

It's late. You're tired. As you look for something to put on the table for dinner, you lurch for the freezer. There you'll find delicious Ohio City Pasta waiting for you. With the company's new frozen, short-cut pastas, in flavors such as roasted red pepper, beet, spinach and a seasonal pumpkin, Ohio City Pasta puts a colorful twist on the classic Italian dish. "That's why we chose the fagiolini rigati, the creste di gallo," says chief operations officer Greg Mayle. "They're not shapes you'd see on a restaurant menu." With a one- to two-minute cook time and priced at $4 per half pound, the cuts are doled out at the West Side Market and area farmers markets, allowing customers edible bliss with ease. "I want them to appreciate the hand-crafted quality and just enjoy it," Mayle says. 1979 W. 25th St., Stand E3, Cleveland, 216-696-3388,

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