On Point

Downtown: Chef Shawn Cline is moving up the food chain.

The 29-year-old was recently promoted to executive chef at Blue Point Grille after starting at the restaurant six years ago as a line cook.

“My style is using fresh products and keeping it simple, letting flavors speak for themselves,” Cline says. With 13 years of cooking experience and a culinary style rooted in classic French technique, Cline feels at home cooking for the Cleveland seafood staple.

As executive chef, he has added a bar menu to the mix, featuring a variety of slider sandwiches, including a burger topped with eight-year aged cheddar cheese and smoked bacon and a portabella mushroom and Havarti cheese slider.

“We’re trying to keep things reasonable. We want people to stop in the bar, grab a sandwich, something they could get anywhere else,” he says. “But we throw our own upscale twist on the food and keep it high-end.”

And fans of Blue Point Grille, fear not — Cline guarantees no major menu changes are in the works. “We may change the preparations of some of the items, but we’ll continue to feature the same types of fish,” he says. 700 West St. Clair Ave., Cleveland, (216) 875-7827
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