Pajama Party

Lakewood: Ever wish you could relive the good old days of college? We’re not talking about keg stands or beer pong tournaments. We mean the carefree act of rolling out of bed and heading to brunch in your PJs without getting weird looks from the table next to you because they’re doing it too.

Those moments have made a comeback at 56 West’s Pajamas Brunch every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Guests are encouraged, if not expected, to stroll in sporting sleepwear, and servers do the same.
“It’s starting to become a fad,” say co-owner Don Farone, who works every Sunday morning in proper slumber attire. “I thought it was crazy at first, but people really do roll out of bed and come.”
The gimmicky brunch has attracted pajama-wearing crowds ranging from high school students to recent college graduates. The brunch deal is also college-poor friendly. For $7.56, diners get scrambled eggs, eggs benedict, made-to-order omelets, bacon and sausage, breakfast potatoes, pancakes and fresh fruit. Plus, there are a few extra a la carte options if you want to splurge.
16300 Detroit Ave., Lakewood, 216-226-0056,


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