Pie Charting

We take on four pizza chains and declare a winner.
We sampled four chain pizzas to determine the best (and worst) things about thinking inside the cardboard box.


price (large) // $7.99

favorite attribute // The crust. “Unique. Tastes like it’s infused with cheese. Probably the only one of the four that didn’t need a dipping sauce.”

least-favorite attribute //
The toppings. “Good coverage, but the flavor was weak.”

price (large) // $4.99

favorite attribute // The crust. “Soft, chewy,  slightly sweet.”

least-favorite attribute // The sauce. “Kind of bland. Can’t really taste it.”

Papa John’s
price (large) // $12.68

favorite attribute // The sauce. “Awesome, sweet and overflowing. It made the slice.”

least-favorite attribute //
The crust. “Very chewy. Tastes a bit too much like bread.”

Pizza Hut
price (large) // $13.99

favorite attribute // The crust.“It was the fluffiest of the four. You bite down and it bounces back.”

least-favorite attribute //
The sauce. “Boring and not enough.”


score* //

score* //

score* //
*out of a possible four pepperonis
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