Pop-up Shop

Whether it's plain or drenched in butter, nothing pairs with the silver screen quite like popcorn. For those keen on kernels, Crazy But True, a Hudson-based popcorn emporium has enough flavors to pair with every cinematic whim, even if that happens to be a midweek Netflix screening of Breakfast at Tiffany's or The Avengers. With an average of 55 flavors available at any time and a recipe book of approximately 125 concoctions, the shop is always popping new flavors. The trick is constantly riffing on combinations to make them better, says co-owner David Krise. "The evolution of a great idea takes more than a night of just glancing at Pinterest or flipping through Food Network," he says. "It takes time." The most popular chocolate variety, Midnight Rollo, went through multiple iterations, morphing simple kettle corn into a salty-sweet, chocolate-drizzled performance that puts your microwave bag to shame. "Our only boundary is creativity," says Krise. 72 N. Main St., Suite 6, Hudson, 330-342-0300, cbtpopcorn.com

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